Who are we, really?!
I don’t know…. That is the reason why, in my art, I search for a Deity inside of us and color the story about a man….
I find love in every flicker of color or light twinkle. Everything is love and it means all to me. And what about the color and the light? They are its reflections at the Universal. Myth is the reflection of a man. His color is blue and his symbol is triangle. The composition of triangle originates from logarithm and the progression of its spiral creates the colors...
And when I think that everything is known and there is nothing more to be said, I realize that the world reveals itself again and goes on developing and giving in. And, faced toward the future, I follow that mystical, radiant light full of secrets and their answers, and thus my searching for the Universal is going on and on.
Jasmina Ilić